How God speaks….

Last night we started a new ladies bible study.   We are going to be studying our way through God’s word using “Discerning the Voice of God: How to Recognize When God Speaks” by Priscilla Shirer.  Well, before we started the study, the leader’s guide directed us to take a “popquiz” on who, when, why and how God speaks to people.   One of my precious sisters in Christ shared her heart with us about our responsibility as studier’s of God’s word to be diligent in our studies (there are a couple of us, yes US, me included, that consistently don’t get our homework done on a weekly basis).   That our studies of God’s word are a way to serve others, and encourage others, and lead by example for others.    My dear friend’s words sat very heavy on my heart…..I had already committed to getting EVERY day’s homework done this time around, and wasn’t going to ‘be a slacker’ this time or let life get in the way of time spent in the Word and studying with my sisters in Christ, but when she shared her heart I knew that that was God speaking to ME.   So how does God speak to us?  Sometimes He uses other people…generally brothers and sisters in Christ, but not always.   I have heard God’s voice through non-believers as well.

Another way that God speaks to me is through His word.    Oftentimes when I am reading my daily readings, or studying through scripture in a Bible study, He will use His word to speak to me.   A lot of times it is to encourage me, but sometimes it is to point out sin, or bad attitudein my heart.  Another way that the Lord speaks to me through His word is to reveal Himself to me in a new way…..sometimes I will read a portion of scripture that I have read numerous times before and will see something for the first time, or realize something that it’s saying for the first time.

And sometimes God speaks to me in my heart.  This is where it requires me to be listening and paying attention.  This most often happens during my prayer time when I’m in the shower.   I don’t know when this phenomena of worshipping God in the shower came about, but I suspect it was when I became a mommy 🙂   But I take full advantage of the few minutes of quiet when I’m in the shower and pray, sing, and meditate on scripture.  This is when God most often speaks to my heart!

How about you?  When, where, how does God speak to you?    Priscilla Shirer pointed out last night that as believers we need to anticipate that God is going to speak to us!  We need to be actively seeking out His voice in our lives.  And when we are anticipating the voice of God in our lives, He will blow our socks off! 🙂

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