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Thankful that Halloween is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

I posted this to my local Flylady group a couple of minutes ago…. Wooohoo!  This day is OVER WITH!!!   I was reminded this evening just why I despise Halloween so much!  I went into the supermarket  by my house this … Continue reading

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Bible Study “break”

Two weeks ago the ladie’s Bible study that I co-lead finished Beth Moore’s “Jesus the One and Only”… was a very good study, and I’m planning on going back over our Christmas vacation and completing the homework that I didn’t … Continue reading

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Menu Plan Monday–10/27/08

  This week’s menu is (again) from the Menus4moms site and is from the week of October 13-17.   I do have a carryover meal from last week, as that night we had spaghetti.   A couple of the meals … Continue reading

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It’s a good kind of a tired…..

Today I got to do one of my favorite things….I served my God and community and church by working along side my family at a school carnival.   YES, we homeschool but our church has adopted an inner-city school that is … Continue reading

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In just over a week……

is voting/election day.   I am thankful that God is in control, and that He knows the outcome of the election before the first vote is cast, and He knows the consequences of that outcome on our school districts, our cities, … Continue reading

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This week’s produce basket…..10/20/08

Today’s produce basket just arrived, and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! 🙂  I always love the colors in that basket!  And the produce is always so fresh and nummy! 🙂  I LOVE MY CSA!!!!!! In today’s basket I got: apples cucumbers radishes … Continue reading

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Last night’s dinner…..

Last night we had the Menus4moms version of Tater Tot Casserole.   It was VERY good, but we all decided that next time I will mix the green beans into the casserole (which is the way we are used to…..but I … Continue reading

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Menu Plan Monday–10/20/08

  Well, our lives have been hectic for the past several months, and I’ve been really flying by the seat of my pants as far as cooking is concerned, and frankly we’ve been spending WAY too much money on quick … Continue reading

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I have a few minutes :)

Hi everyone, Well, this will be a short post because I only have a few minutes….we have friends coming over for lunch after church (I went to 1st service…like normal, and they went to 2nd service because they (they being … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m alive!!!!

Hi all, Yes, dear readers, I am still alive.  And things are going well here in our home……I deeply apologize for not blogging for the past 80 or so days.   I am getting ready to head out for church, … Continue reading

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