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Money Saving Tips–Installment #6

  Today’s installment is inspired by the end of summer…..and end of fall….and end of winter.   This is something that we all see, and maybe you even have been guilty of (we have!)… have a fruit tree or two … Continue reading

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Another change, albeit minor….

Another change that we’ve had to make most recently (since moving) is buying our produce at the grocery store….I know, I know “wa, wa, wa”….I’m whining about something that 99% of you have to do or you don’t get fresh … Continue reading

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From my kitchen window….

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve done this, but tonight while I was preparing dinner (I use the word preparing loosely because we had you bake pizzas from Papa Murphy’s tonight….I planned for that because I knew we’d … Continue reading

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Springtime in Central Cali

Well, spring has sprung!    For the first mid-April in many years we are actually having a real spring…..we don’t normally have much of a “spring”…..I know I’ve said it before, and I’m certain I’ll say it again, but here in … Continue reading

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Looking forward to the next several weeks….

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that our attempts at most types of gardening here in our current home have been very lackluster.   When I do get things to grow, they get … Continue reading

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Organic farming and environmental care a biblical mandate?

I found this article this morning through Crystal’s blog at Biblical Womanhood . This article touches on exactly what I have mentioned in a couple of other posts here and here.    I do believe that God has instructed us to … Continue reading

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Can you help us identify this?

This is one of the three insects that we found in our kitchen today.      The other two insects were same shape and looked exactly the same, except they didn’t have the red “shields”, they were all the grayish/brown color.    Can … Continue reading

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Would love your input!

The flower bed right outside my front door that has the rose bushes (and my basil) is in the process of being made into an herb garden, and I will also put some large pots of some sort there for … Continue reading

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Well, it took 2 hours….

But it’s done!   This is a job that has needed to be done for quite some time.  We borrowed a hedge trimmer from some friends and got out there  and  got the job done.   I SHOULD have taken a “before” … Continue reading

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My mint……comparison photos….

Week 1 Week 2 (a week’s growth, as well as the addition of another plant) Week 3 (this is even after cutting some mint to use in a recipe last weekend!)

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