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We CAN make a difference!

I’ve been formulating this post in my brain for a few days….trying to figure out just what I want to say, etc, and after reading some of the comments to my previous two posts about gas and the economy, I … Continue reading

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Fun in the Sun activities and games….

In an email today from FamilyFun magazine, I found this….. 99 days of Summer Kids’ Games    Can’t wait to try some of them with the kids this summer!

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This fall…..

I will have the GREAT PRIVILEDGE of taking our oldest daughter to our 2nd “Revolve Tour” event.    We went 2 years ago, and it was an amazing time of togetherness for her and I and having the opportunity to discuss … Continue reading

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Too-hot-to-use-the-oven Roasted Potatoes

First, the story.   Ok, after too many days of hot weather (for me!) and having to run the oven for my baking, I just was NOT up to turning on the oven to oven-roast my potatoes, but I REALLY wanted … Continue reading

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The effects of the current economy…..

In yesterday’s post about gas prices, I promised that I’d share how our family is being affected by the current economical downturn. Since we are already a one car family, limiting trips is part of our life anyhow, but we … Continue reading

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This week’s produce basket…..May 27, 2008

The extras…. My basket…. My extras today were an 8# bag of oranges and 10 32 oz. bottles of organic grape juice (locally grown and bottled) My basket today had: carrots blueberries navel oranges red potatoes vidalia onions fennel green … Continue reading

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Today’s baking…5/27/08

My baking order for today was small…..but uses fresh, local produce.  YUMMOOOOO!!!!! 🙂 Strawberry Bread Zucchini Bread Tomorrow I will do the baking for the week for my family…… more zucchini bread (in the form of muffins), chocolate zucchini muffins, … Continue reading

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