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My “babies”…..

I mentioned in a post from last week that I’m caring for a 3 month old baby 3 days per week.   Well, the kids have really enjoyed having a baby in the house….I’m not sure who enjoys it more, them … Continue reading

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Feeling a burden to pray…..

This morning (like all mornings) I was listening to a local talk radio station for news, weather, etc, etc.   They were reporting that Britney (Spears) was admitted to UCLA Medical Center around 1 AM this morning.    At first I had … Continue reading

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“Mommy’s Bendy”

This is too cute to not share!   And if she knew I was sharing this with you all, she’d be incredibly embarrassed, so if you know my H in real life, please don’t mention this to her 🙂    The other … Continue reading

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I’ve been neglecting all of my faithful readers….

and I do apologize!   I still love all of you, and love blogging, but you would not believe everything that has been going on for the past several weeks!  Oooooh, boy!  Well, first of all, it was Christmas, and I … Continue reading

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Ho hum…..

Well, this week we are “sort of” back to school.    Yesterday r came down with a REALLY bad cold, and in the interest of keeping her away from the rest of the kids away from her as much as possible, … Continue reading

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Last night’s dinner……

Last night I tried a new recipe from another blog, and it was Soooo good! I found it at Sylvia’s blog…. Chicken with Coconut Milk Here are my notes…..(I left this as a comment on Sylvia’s entry) Sylvia, this was … Continue reading

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Spent time today…..

With another homeschooling blogger (and an internet friend for several years now……).   This is actually the 2nd time that I have met this special friend in real life….the first time was back in 2001.   We’ve “known” one another through the … Continue reading

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Food, dinner, and the freezer…..

This past weekend was my father-in-love’s birthday, and we all went out to dinner on Friday night to celebrate.   It is always so much fun getting together with D’s family, and I LOVE my father-in-love….he is such a great guy!  … Continue reading

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A question…..

I was reading on Mrs Catherine’s blog just a few minutes ago, and was going through the side bar articles, and found this question, and wanted to answer it here….. The answer to this question used to be quite different. … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!!!!

Just wanted to take a moment to wish all of my readers a blessed year for 2008.     I have many goals that I want to accomplish this year, and will be writing more about those as the days go by … Continue reading

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