Today my daughter’s R (age 17) and H (age 12) and the little guy that we babysit 3 days a week (he’s 2) all went grocery shopping.   When we were pulling into the Winco parking lot there was a lady in a wheelchair and a young man standing on the corner with the all too familiar cardboard sign asking for “any assistance”.   My kids have all grown up serving our community, and serving the homeless in our community and they have a tender heart towards these people.   H asked if we could please buy some groceries and give them to these folks on our way back out.   I told her we’d see what we could find.  SO, while we were in the store, I stopped by the prepared foods counter that has pre-made (ready to eat, in a bowl) salads, sandwiches, etc.  These are all things that are made fresh in the store daily.   So I got a big salad that had egg, ham, turkey, cheese and a mixture of veggies, and 2 sandwiches that came with a cookie and candy, and 2 water bottles.   When we were done shopping, the girls were really looking forward to blessing these two people that we had seen with the food.  Of course, they weren’t there, so we turned around in the parking lot, and went to the other entrance that there is usually someone with a sign… one there! 😦   H was getting very concerned and kept asking what we were going to do with the food?   I was determined to let my precious girl bless someone today!   I probably would have still been driving around if the Lord hadn’t led me to the right parking lot right down the street.   We drove to the parking lot that has our favorite take & bake pizza place in it, and there was a man sitting on the curb, but he didn’t have a sign.   I could tell he was homeless, so I pulled into the parking spot next to him and asked him if he would be blessed by some lunch.   He got tears in his eyes, and I told him that there were 2 sandwiches, a salad, and 2 water bottles.   He cried when I told him there was a salad.  He said “a salad?  I haven’t had a salad in so long, I was just praying for a salad”… girls were SO BLESSED that the Lord had led us to the right corner, and that we were able to be an answer to this man’s prayer.   The girls want to keep some tracks in the car so that when we do this again, they can share the Word with those that we provide nourishment with as well.

My girls learned another lesson in how God blesses us by being a blessing to others 🙂

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  1. Mari says:

    What a great story! Not only did you bless that man, but it was a great lesson to the kids.

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