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What is happening in my kitchen this weekend?

At some point this weekend (probably Sunday evening) I’m going to do a thai dinner.  I’ve been promising R that I’d make her some pad thai, and I am going to make some thai green curry fish to go with … Continue reading

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A cleaning tip….

This morning when I was trying to find things to fill the last couple of spots to fill the dishwasher so that I could run it, I remembered that the microwave hadn’t been cleaned in a while, and the glass … Continue reading

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Two dinners for today….

I got a phone call from our church office last week asking if I’d be willing to make a meal for a lady that is undergoing cancer treatment and her husband. I said “Absolutely! The only two days that aren’t … Continue reading

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Oh me oh my, you have to try these!!!!

And they are dairy free, egg free, and wheat free, and ALMOST fat free!   AND they taste incredible….Oh my goodness!   I would put these up against my very best chocolate cake in taste any day of the week!   These are … Continue reading

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Muffins….(and using what I have)

Yesterday was my baking day for my bread customers.   Well, I normally buy my eggs from one of my friends at the Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning.  She decided late last week that she needed a day off (this lady … Continue reading

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Another leftover makeover….

I remember when I was a kid my mom used to make potato pancakes for us for breakfast.   We LOVED them, but I had completely forgotten about them until just before Christmas.   I had made a large batch of mashed … Continue reading

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A new food blog that I found….

I was looking at the links listed on one of my friends’ blogs and found this food blog that I had never heard of before.   I realized that it is relatively new, and while I don’t subscribe to the Nourishing … Continue reading

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