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I LOVE black beans.  My family tolerates black beans…..until tonight!   I’ve recently been reading about potentially dangerous chemicals being used in the lining of cans that are used to can our foods.   I am taking this study like I do … Continue reading


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Tonight I made a beautiful salad to go with our chicken tacos and black beans (which were delicious, and since I really want to replicate them again, I’ll post those next :)).   The salad could also be used as a … Continue reading

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Menu Planning for the week of 2/21/10

This past week’s meals were amazing!   Especially the orange honey glazed chicken….that whole meal was definitely stand out.   I REALLY enjoyed the spinach pasta dish also, but I really love baked pasta dishes.  For some reason my family aren’t as … Continue reading

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Tonight’s Pasta Bake

Tonight I made this pasta dish for dinner.  The original version (I’ll put my modifications in ( ) ) is from “Saving Dinner: The Menus, Recipes, and Shopping Lists to Bring Your Family Back to the Table” by Leanne Ely … Continue reading

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Tonight’s spaghetti sauce….

Tonight I made a marinara sauce to go with our pasta (will share the recipe in a bit because it was something that was WONDERFUL and the family really loved it!).   Anyhow, I made sure I measured everything out and … Continue reading

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Orange Honey Glazed Chicken

Another part of last night’s dinner was the orange honey glazed chicken.   It was SOOOOO good!   Probably one of the best chicken dishes I’ve made….definitely in the top 10 chicken dishes. Orange Honey Glazed Chicken Serves 6 1/4 cup honey … Continue reading

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Tried a new recipe last night, and it was AWESOME!!!!

Actually, we tried 2 new recipes, I will share both, but in separate posts to make searching easier in the future 🙂 A few weeks ago I was watching an episode of Emeril Green on the Green Planet network.   … Continue reading

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Menu Planning for the week of 2/14/10

Today, Valentine’s Day, is our oldest daughter “R”s 17th birthday!  she is a beautiful young lady that loves the Lord with all of her heart, mind & body!   In our home, the birthday person gets to pick the entire menu … Continue reading

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Today’s memorial service

Today I went to a dear friend’s grandmother’s memorial service.   It was a  beautiful funeral mass (realized today that there must be different styles of funeral masses, because this one was slightly different than others that I’ve been to, … Continue reading

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Something’s bothering me….

….and since this is my blog, my online journal, I am going to share it with you all.   Something that I’ve noticed in the past couple of years (mostly in our community, but also in the U.S. in general) is … Continue reading

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