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Grocery store “blessings”

Today my eldest daughter and I had to go to “the city” to pick up her last paycheck (she worked this past semester at the local community college where she was going to school), go to the bank, a couple … Continue reading

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Tofu Mayonnaise…

I originally posted this in September of 2006, but for some reason when I  transferred my blog over from the old blog to the new blog, this post didn’t make it….not quite sure why, BUT I’m glad I had told … Continue reading

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In my home….natural cleaning

Over the course of the past several years I have tried many natural cleaning products and non-toxic cleaning supplies, both commercially made and homemade.   I have a love and hate relationship with the commercially made cleaners…..they tend to work … Continue reading

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Today’s message to me from God’s Word (5/30/12)

This morning during my quiet time from the Lord, it was a similar theme to yesterday…..gaining strength from God during our times of trouble.   Are we going through some trials right now?  Yep, we are, some of them seem … Continue reading

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Some of the changes in our lives…

On March 1 of this year we made our last move….we are buying our first home!   This has been a very exciting time in our lives 🙂   Not only do we have a BEAUTIFUL home, we also have … Continue reading

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Today’s message to me from God’s Word

During my quiet time with the Lord this morning one of the passages that I read from was Psalm 71.  I was reading it in the ESV (English Standard Version) and the words from this part of the Psalm really … Continue reading

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I’m BACK…..with LOTS and LOTS to share!

Going to make this quick, with a bit of an introduction, and then let the story unfold more over the course of the next few days/weeks. I have REALLY REALLY missed my blog and blogging, but I was finding that … Continue reading

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