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An amazing evening!

Last night D and I took our 3 girls (as well as 7 others….friends and family) to a Natalie Grant concert that was happening in our area.   Well, the very cool thing about this concert is that the group that … Continue reading

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This week’s produce basket…..7/28/08

Here’s my produce basket this week……I had plenty of veggies in the fridge leftover from last week (last week I was using up the veggies leftover from the week before…..I seemed to have had a backlog in the fridge) so … Continue reading

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Menu Plan Monday–7/28/08

  Wooooh! What crazy weekend we had! And what a HUGE blessing my crockpot was to me this weekend… well as leftovers from a couple of meals that we cooked at the church for our Summer Suppers on the Lawn, … Continue reading

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Talking to God….

As you all have already read, I was REALLY struggling yesterday….all night last night, and was doing better this morning.   Well yesterday the anger I was feeling really troubled me….I kept talking to God about it all day, and kept … Continue reading

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I wanted to say thank you to my faithful readers for praying for me yesterday… the time I went to bed last night I was fine.   I was emotionally exhausted, but I was fine 🙂   Slept really well, and while … Continue reading

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What do you do when you are SOOOOOOOO mad?

This morning a friend called and shared something with me that made me absolutely furious!!!!   This is this kind of mad/anger that would drive someone to do bodily harm to another person.   I have very rarely in my life experienced … Continue reading

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Last night’s dinner…..7/22/08–I FINALLY found a winner!!!

I grew up with my mom making HUGE pots of WONDERFUL meaty, delicious spaghetti sauce on a regular basis. She’d freeze the leftovers in dinner sized portions so that we would have her wonderful homemade sauce whenever we wanted it. … Continue reading

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Tonight’s dinner…..7/21/08

Ok, tonight my beautiful and darling 15 year old daughter, R wanted to make dinner.  As I mentioned in a previous post, she and D picked out the recipes that she wanted to use on Saturday, and I made sure … Continue reading

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This week’s produce basket…..7/21/08

Here’s today’s basket.   Included are my eggs….my “egg lady” friend didn’t have her eggs at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, so she put them in my basket today for me. Today I got: my eggs carrots corn on the cob … Continue reading

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Photo results

Ok, the crockpot loaf of bread took 2 hours to bake…..BUT without the heat of the oven!     This won’t work for baking multiple loaves of bread at once, but it definitely would work for someone that only bakes one loaf … Continue reading

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