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Money Saving Tips–Installment #6

  Today’s installment is inspired by the end of summer…..and end of fall….and end of winter.   This is something that we all see, and maybe you even have been guilty of (we have!)… have a fruit tree or two … Continue reading

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Money Savings Tips–Installment #4

(Sorry that these are out of order, I had this one scheduled to be published months ago and for some reason it never published, and today when I tried publishing it, it wouldn’t work, so I’m starting all over with … Continue reading

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Homemade Salsa (two recipes–salsa verde and roasted tomato salsa)

            Remember when I posted this a few days ago?   Well, I didn’t ever post the end results of this particular part of that yummy meal.   I just had a friend on Facebook … Continue reading

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Turkey and Bean Chili

    Tonight we are having Turkey and Black Bean chili for dinner over brown rice.   HOWEVER, the black beans that I had cooked a few days ago that were in the fridge were past their prime, and I … Continue reading

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Broccoli Slaw

Last week my honey and I had our annual wellness appointments and my blood pressure is up a little bit and while my overall cholesterol is down from last year, a couple of the numbers are up a little from … Continue reading

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Fruit Dip and impromptu parties

This past weekend (on Friday at 3 pm, to be exact :)) the kids came in and asked if they could have a party the next afternoon.   I told them that they would have to wait until Daddy got … Continue reading

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Money Saving Tips Installment #1

  I realize that the above pictures may not make much sense alone, but by the time I finish this post, it should all come together 🙂   First, I’d like to share the reason for this post, and what … Continue reading

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My own version of an Everyday Food Magazine recipe

One of my absolute favorite cooking magazines in recent years is Everyday Food from the Martha Stewart line of magazines.   Well, when I got my December issue it had a notice with it saying that that was going to … Continue reading

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Menu planning for week of 2/23/13

(I will edit this post on Monday with a link to MPM 🙂 ) This morning I went to my favorite locally owned grocery store.  If we hadn’t been referred to this store, it is not one we probably would … Continue reading

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A new recipe—chicken tortilla soup

  This past week one of my friends mentioned on facebook that she had made some chicken tortilla soup and had put cactus paddles (also known as nopales or nopalitos) into it.   I had never made chicken tortilla soup … Continue reading

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