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A fun Christmas meme….

 I found this over at Gail’s blog, and it looked fun, so I thought I’d share it with all of my readers 🙂 1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Depends on the gift….for some gifts that are hard to wrap, … Continue reading

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It may not FEEL entirely like winter….

but lookie what “I spyed” when I looked out my kitchen window a few minutes ago….. Yep, those are storm clouds!!!!   We got a little rain last night, but not a ton.  Looks like we are heading for more … Continue reading

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A tribute to the families that are not together this Christmas….

This poem (which I’ve seen several times over the past couple of years) came across my email inbox this morning and I thought it fitting to honor the families (some of which I read their blogs) that are not together … Continue reading

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How's it going?

In a comment that my sweet friend Annie wrote today she asked me “how’s it going?”      Well, things have been busy, I’ve been babysitting a lot, and trying to get things around here ready for Christmas, and helping our high … Continue reading

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A followup on my "Happy Holiday's" post…..

Ok, my honey is so sweet, he knew I would love this!    I would encourage you all to go and check this out….. Merry Tossmas (I promise, this is good!)

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Slow Cooker Thursday….Slow Cooker Party Mix

    Last week I was swamped and didn’t get a Slow Cooking Thursday post up.   So here’s one that I’m going to be making this weekend……it will be going in my goody trays for my friends, family, neighbors … Continue reading

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"Happy Holidays" argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, last night on  our way home, D told me something that really irritated me!   First of all, I really despise the whole “PC …Politically correct” movement.   I think that we should be able to express our opinions and word … Continue reading

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Is NOTHING safe anymore?

Ok, I have to vent this morning!   It seems like I hear about one or more things per week that are either being recalled or there are warnings being placed on them due to hazardous materials.   The latest of these … Continue reading

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Some of my favorite winter time things….

Well, since it isn’t feeling a WHOLE lot like winter here in Central California (although today it is cloudy, and it may rain….so I guess it feels a LITTLE bit like winter….I just wish our temperatures would drop!), I’m going … Continue reading

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Passing the torch….

I know that I have posted before about how blessed we are to see a servant’s heart developing in our oldest daughter, R.   Well, one more area of seeing the blessings of homeschooling, and having our children close to home … Continue reading

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