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Glad I decided to call….

I posted a day or two ago that excitement was in the air because we were going to visit our old church this weekend.    Well, I had originally planned to surprise my close friend there, but decided that I’d better … Continue reading

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Ok, I'm whining…..

It’s TOOO hot!!!!!!!!!!!  😦    I was determined to have a good attitude about this heat this week, but it’s just too blazing hot!   What has resulted in my change of attitude?   D is home sick today, so that means I … Continue reading

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Headlines in our local news program's websites….

“It’s HOT!!!”  And boy is it!   Our high today is supposed to be 105, tomorrow it is supposed to be 110 and supposed to remain in the 105-110 range for the next several days.    I am DETERMINED to … Continue reading

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Excitement is in the air…..

D and I decided this morning to go to church at our old church (an hour’s drive away) this Sunday.   When we moved over 3 years ago we told everyone we’d be back once a month, and other than the … Continue reading

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Hospitality or barging in?

We had something occur over the weekend, and last night when we were talking with D’s parents I got quite a different reaction from them than I was expecting (mostly because they are from a different day and age).   It … Continue reading

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A new adventure in the kitchen…..

Sourdough…..I have two live starters in my kitchen right now.  One of them was active when it was given to me.  Another was a dehydrated starter that needed to be recharged 🙂    With one of the starters, I made some … Continue reading

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Chicken Enchilada Casserole

I made this for dinner last night.  It was OHHH so delicious!  And was super easy to make.   I have found that rolling enchiladas is just so much work, and they don’t ever stay together.   So the past few times … Continue reading

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