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Making tacos…..

My friend LindaMaria wanted to see pictures of my homemade nachos (which I didn’t end up making this weekend), but I did take pictures of my totally natural, totally fat free “refried” beans, and my taco “meat”. Here’s a picture … Continue reading

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Tummy bugs are NO FUN!

At approx. 12:30 this morning I was awakened from a very sweet sleep by our 13 year old in her bathroom with a sick tummy.    I felt so bad for her, I got her a cup of water to rinse … Continue reading

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Resurrection Sunday….

Yesterday was Resurrection Sunday (aka Easter).   This year, for some reason, I wasn’t nearly as excited about Resurrection Sunday as I normally am.   And because of that, we put off, until the weekend, many of the things that we normally … Continue reading

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Out of the mouthes of babes…..

Last night we put the kids to bed and within a few minutes our 13 year old daughter R came out to tell us what our 5 year old daughter r had said.   It goes like this: R:  “Girls, tell … Continue reading

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Soda Can Chicken

Well, this is technically called “Beer Can Chicken”, but I rarely use beer because I rarely have cans of beer around… I use soda cans. But this is a fantastic way to roast a chicken during those hot summer days … Continue reading

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This year, our church’s Jr. High group got to do something new.  While the High School group was in Mexico doing a short term missions trip during Spring Break, our Jr. Highers had the opportunity to serve the local community, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Honey!!!!

This week we celebrated my Honey’s 39th birthday. His actual birthday is on the 10th, but R was on a local “missions” trip with our church’s Jr. High group, so we celebrated together as a family (just us) on the … Continue reading

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In my kitchen…..

Well, even though I don’t have to cook dinner tonight (we get Taylor’s Hot Dogs for dinner tonight….YAY!!!!… our AWANA Grand Prix….I don’t know if I’m looking more forward to the races or the hotdogs :)), I’m still going to … Continue reading

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Bible Reading/Journaling plan to coincide with our Pastor's messages….

We have been attending our church for almost 2 years now, and shortly before we started there, our Pastor taught the congregation how to do daily scripture journaling. For more information on that, please go to , anyhow, D … Continue reading

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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Good morning everyone, This morning I am ready to get started, but Hannah is sleeping on the couch again, and Rachel is sleeping in her nest in my bedroom, so not only did I not get my exercise in thism … Continue reading

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