Today in our home……Monday, 3/31/08

I haven’t done this type of a post for a long while.  But I just re-connected with a  sweet friend from church, she has been a Youth department intern for the past 2 years and I have had the blessed pleasure of working with her.  She and R have connected as friends, and I just adore this Godly young lady….well, she is on a new adventure in her life, while taking a semester “off” from school (although, as I know some of what she is doing, it’s not really time OFF, just a different type of education) and doing some missions type work.   I was pointed to her new blog through a letter that she wrote in our church bulletin yesterday…..anyhow, I commented on her blog and told her that if she wanted to keep up with what is going on in our family, to check in here 🙂   SO, I’m going to go back to more of the daily ins and outs of what our family is up to, because I know that Laura is not the only one that loves us that wants to know what we are up to.

So, here’s what’s going on today……

Today is baking day, and I have a small bread order from our CSA  and one other bread order from a lady at D’s work (which is sourdough, so I will be able to bake that tomorrow), and that is it.   Oh, and a small order from the gal at the farmer’s market that I buy eggs from….we barter eggs for baked goods, it works great for both of us!

Light schoolwork–normally Monday is pretty self-directed as far as school is concerned, because of it also being baking day, but the kids got a bit behind last week, so they will be teacher-directed today.    And I also need to load some programs onto the computer for M, I ordered some new curriculum for him, and need to get it loaded onto the computer.

Shopping lists–tonight after D gets home, we are going to go and do some grocery/toiletry/household item shopping.    We will also grab some dinner while we are out….something cheap but semi-healthful 🙂

Quick Homeblessing–feather dust, mop, vacuum, and swish & swipe the bathrooms (I’ll deep clean them both later this week)

Prepare spring cleaning list for jobs/rooms that I want to accomplish this week.

Spend time with the Lord through my newest Bible study book…. Fingerprints of God by Jennifer Rothschild…this is an excellent study, and I am VERY much enjoying it!

I think that this is it for today…..will post my weekly menu plan (using up what I have on hand) in a separate post.

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