Menu Plan Monday–3/31/08


I haven’t participated in MPM in a very long time, and I want to get back into menu planning for a number of reasons.

1)  it saves me the grief of having to figure out what to make from what I have on hand

2) it saves me money (I can shop from my list, and not wander aimlessly through the grocery)

3) it saves my waistline and hips…….if I plan my meals, I tend to cook earlier in the day and dinner is ready to serve and it curbs the temptation to get fast food or carry-out


Here are the meals that I have planned for this week:


Breakfasts–(kefir smoothies will be served each day with breakfast)

        ham & cheese omelets (to use up the ham from last night’s dinner)

         muffins and fruit

        blender batter waffles and fruit

        baked whole grain mini donuts, scrambled eggs, fruit

        granola, fruit, yogurt parfaits

        cereal and toast (x 2)







        bean & cheese burritos


Dinners–(the veggies will depend heavily on what I get in today’s produce basket)


         tamales, spanish rice (with brown rice), spicy black beans & corn, green salad

         split pea soup or white bean soup (using hambone), cornbread, fruit, green salad

         grilled chicken, oven roasted red potatoes, green salad, veggie

         fish tacos, grilled veggies (hopefully, will see what comes today), green salad

         homemade pizza (I’m thinking a sloppy joe pizza and bbq chicken pizza), green salad

         roast, green salad, veggies, quinoa pilaf


To see more menus and to participate in Menu Plan Monday, please click on icon above and visit Laura’s blog.




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1 Response to Menu Plan Monday–3/31/08

  1. Gail says:

    I haven’t done menu plan Monday in forever it seems like! Probably need to but we’ve either been sick or gone so I just haven’t…but it does help to have that plan!

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