Going back in time…

This morning on our way home from church, I realized that I never posted any of the pictures from my and R’s trip to go see the Natalie Grant Concert for Christmas. So, here is the only picture that was taken on my camera that turned out half way decent. One of the DJ’s from our local Christian radio station (who is a friend from church also) took some pictures also, and I haven’t been able to get them from her yet, so as soon as I do, I will add them to this post.

Here is the picture that was taken of R, Natalie Grant and myself…..you can’t see it in the picture, but R also crocheted a beautiful scarf for Mrs. Grant and gave it to her. She selected the yarn especially for her, to highlight Natalie Grant’s beautiful blue eyes.

And yes, R’s hair is quite blond there….she had wanted her hair highlighted, and her hair takes color VERY well, she she was VERY blond! She got tired of the blond in late January (I think), so we died her hair back to her natural brown color…..well, now that she’s spending more time outside in the sun, her hair is going blonder again, and she’s not very happy 🙂

Well, I finally got the pictures from my DJ friend…..I didn’t get the first email that she sent me back in Feb with the links for the photos 🙂  So here they are…..

Here’s one of R giving Natalie Grant the scarf that she had crocheted for her (and my rear end!  I’ll have to thank Betsy for that!!!!!)

And another of R giving Ms. Grant the scarf

Chatting, but I don’t remember about what?  🙂

And R and I with Natalie Grant

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3 Responses to Going back in time…

  1. Mari says:

    What a fun thing to go to! I’m glad you have the picture to remember it with!

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