Tonight's dinner….

I adjusted the menu for tonight a little…..instead of doing the pesto stuffed chicken with fresh tomato sauce I had D grill the chicken, and I served it with organic spaghetti mixed with WW pesto sauce and sauteed veggies, green salad, and some strawberries.

Doesn’t this meal look wonderful?

If you are a “weight watcher” this very large meal (it was really quite large and VERY filling, I ate all of this food, and it really was too much….I’m overly full right now 😦  bad me….I know better!) is worth 7 points!   All that food for just 7 points…the spaghetti noodles was the biggest portion of the points.  For the 1 cup of cooked spaghetti noodles it was 4 points, if I had had whole wheat spaghetti noodles, I could have shaved off 1 point…..and on some days, that one point really does make a difference!  But for today, I’m happy with a 7 point, COMPLETELY FILLING completely delicious, HUGE dinner 🙂

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