A sad, sad day in my kitchen…..

I’m in mourning….for all of you that know me personally, you know that I love to cook, I love to provide my family with fresh and local (and organic) produce……you know that when a new season, or a new crop is available how excited I get.  It’s really rather weird, but I can’t help myself.   There is nothing sweeter than the first strawberry of the season, nothing more succulent than the first cherry of the season, and nothing more tangy than the first orange of the season……and on the other end of all of those culinarily inspired emotions there is great sadness when I know that we are nearing the end of a seasonal crop.   The season that is rapidly coming to a close (and TOO rapidly if you ask me!) is this…..


The strawberry season has ended just too quickly this year!   My honey got this half flat for me today, and told me that he can see the the fields are nearly empty.    My kids said “well, I guess we will have to have grocery store strawberries”…..nah!   They just don’t taste like strawberries to me.  And I know that they don’t have the nutritional impact that the fresh, local, organic ones do……SO, I’ll buy as many as I can until the end of the season and then I’ll wait until next April for the season to begin again.


Goodbye sweet sweet friends, your beautiful color, fresh perfume, and succulent flavor will be greatly missed around here….until next year little friends…..

A yummy tribute to one of my favorite fruits…..

My very decadent, very low calorie dessert


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