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I am asked the question ALL THE TIME, “what do you pack in your dh’s lunch every day?”   And I know that packing lunches is a big challenge for a lot of people.  It is definitely a temptation some days to go with quick and easy (prepackaged/frozen food) and that is fine for every once in a while, but I prefer to make something fresh and delicious for him each day.    His lunch is fairly repetitive from day to day, in the basic contents, but I mix it up with different types of fruit, different sandwich fillings, and different bread types.   But every day (or just about every day) he does get a sandwich (or main dish salad), some fresh veggies, fresh fruit, and something “extra”….some days that is a prepackaged granola bar, or a container of trail mix, or applesauce or yogurt, or like today a small cookie.    He also has his daily dose of poison (oops, did I say that in bloggy land?  I mean artificial sweetener……..all kidding aside, I do wish he would decide to break his daily diet soda habit and drink water or iced tea or something less “bad for him” and have the diet soda occasionally instead of daily, BUT it’s not my decision, this is something he enjoys, and it is only 1 a day, not 5, so I’ll let it slide :))

Anyhow, if it is something that my blog readers would be interested in, I will try to start taking photos of his lunch each day and posting what it contains.

Today’s lunch is

*a grilled chicken, raw milk white cheddar cheese, and organic lettuce sandwich on homemade whole wheat bread

*leftover sauteed/steamed veggies from the past two nights (it is zucchini, carrots, red bell pepper strips and the asparagus you can see)

*1/2 an orange, peeled and sliced; blackberries, blueberries and strawberries

*a small amount of his favorite salad dressing (1000 Island) for dipping his veggies in

*a small tollhouse chocolate chip cookie

(All of the produce in today’s lunch is locally and organically grown from my CSA)

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2 Responses to Lunchie blog….

  1. Carey says:

    Where can i find a storage container like that? I would love one of those.

  2. lori says:


    I have a few of them (I make lunches for 5 of the ladies at dh’s work one day a week) and got them all at Target. They are in the area with all of the rubbermaid refrigerator/freezer storage containers.

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