An amazing homemade bread that ANYONE can make…I’m not kidding!

Good morning everyone, this morning I am making bread for this week (and to increase the stock in the freezer) and thought about how many people marvel that I make homemade breads.   I know that making homemade bread for your family may seem intimidating, and daunting and like you can’t do it.  And trust me, when I was a little kid watching my mom make all of our bread from scratch I remember (even though I was 9 and under….when I was 9 we had a major life and lifestyle change and she didn’t cook or bake from scratch at home anymore after that) thinking that there was no way I could ever do that, and why would I want to because you can get perfectly good bread at the grocery store.   And yes, I do find it ironic that people say the exact same thing to me today 🙂    Anyhow, here is a recipe that anyone can make.   You don’t have to have any special equipment, no special pans, just a large mixing bowl, wooden spoon (or nylon, but preferably not metal) and the ingredients and a baking sheet (like you would use for cookies).

I have posted this recipe previously, so I’m just going to share the link.   But when I wrote this recipe previously I wrote it including instructions for my bosch.   Please just use a bowl, a spoon, and plastic wrap (to cover the dough).   It really is easy and doesn’t require any special knowledge or special equipment.

Here is the link to THE BEST herb bread I’ve ever eaten!

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