Well, as my regular readers and friends and family know, we have a house with only 5 inhabitants right now…..our oldest daughter R (Bekah) has moved into her dorm at the University that she is attending and just completed her 2nd full week of classes.  She is going through many adjustments, as are we.  I miss her like crazy and don’t know if I’ll ever get used to telling people that we are currently a family of 5.   Today after church we went out to lunch, and when the hostess asked us how many I started to say 6…..thankfully my honey was standing behind me and quickly corrected and said “5” before I got the whole word out 🙂   I know that these adjustments will get easier for all of us, but right now it is weird.   I have absolutely no regrets about her being 7 1/2 hours away (although the distance hasn’t been without it’s challenges….will explain that in more detail in a separate post this week), and both my honey and I are super excited to have her in such a great Christian University and to have family friends just a few minutes away.   But this letting go of your adult children is a tough pill to swallow…..I was created to be a wife and a Mommy.   And my “baby”, my first born “baby” doesn’t need me as much…..well, she might, but I’m not available to her.    I know that it is going to be an adjustment for all of us, and that our roles have changed somewhat.   And I AM SUPER excited about this new phase in our relationship… of the administrators at the university orientation weekend told us that we need to move from a parental role (as in setting the rules and regulations, etc) to a friendship role…..I am SUPER EXCITED about that!   I know that our relationship will change and become something it has never been before.   But it is going to be hard for us to move from that parent/child relationship that we’ve had for the past 19 1/2 years to a parent of an adult “child” friendship/mentor/whatever you want to call it relationship.    Something new and different to grow and stretch through and to seek God’s face about 🙂

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