A sad day in my pantry

Last night as I was getting ready to prepare our dinner, I had thought all day about what I was going to make, how I was going to make it, etc.   I had planned a meal of pan-“fried” pork loin chops, quinoa with carrots & swiss chard, and fruit.  I was so looking forward to this meal.

When I went to get the quinoa from the pantry, it had weevils and a moth in it. 😦   Big huge sadness!  I thought, ok, I’ll use the couscous (not my family’s favorite grain choice, but it will work).

Opened it’s jar up and it had moths and eggs in it 😦   Almost tears at this point!  Alright, well, I guess we’ll have rice, but we don’t have time for the brown rice to cook, so I pulled the jar of white rice that I keep in the pantry out.

YEP, you guessed it!   It TOO was infested!   These grains were all in what I thought were airtight containers (apparently they are airtight, but not bug tight).   I haven’t dealt with weevils/moths, etc in YEARS…..like 20 ish years!   I am so incredibly sad about having to throw out so much food!  Today I need to go through the rest of the grains in the pantry and put what isn’t infested into the freezer for a few days to kill any potential eggs that are in them.   We just don’t have the money to replace any foods that have to be thrown out, and I’m wondering where these came from!

Oh, last night’s dinner?   I had just bought a 25 pound bag of rice (long grain white rice) last week and so we used some of that mixed with some red lentils (I liked the taste, just not the texture).



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