More changes from this past few months…..

In the past couple of weeks I have mentioned that we have had quite a few changes in our lives the past several months.   Well, one of the changes that we have made in the past 9 months is that we have added to our family.   No, we haven’t added more children, but we have added family members…..of the animal variety.   Before Labor Day weekend, 2011 we had

Sally Patricia….she is our 11 year old Miniature Schnauzer (she was born on St. Patrick’s day, 2001).

In August one of my good friends from high school posted a picture of  this little cutie….

Stella Luna is approximately 3 years old.  My friend rescued her over 2 years ago….actually Stella showed up on her doorstep with her brother.  Stella was in REALLY rough shape, dehydrated, malnourished and dying.  Her brother ran off when my friend found Stella, and she tried to get the brother back, but it appears he really wanted to find a safe place for his baby sister 🙂   My friend Sandra nursed Stella back to health and loved her and was loved by Stella for 2 years, but Sandra’s health was getting to a critical level last summer, and she needed to reduce the size of her pack.  She had posted a picture of Stella looking for a home for her.   I fell in love immediately, and even though we had never talked about getting another dog D  told me that getting little Stella would be a great addition to our family.   A few weeks later Miss Stella Luna joined our family and I am so in love it is crazy!   I LOVE this little dog so much, and she is an awesome little love bug 🙂    When we got Stella, R (our oldest) started talking about wanting to get a dog of her own, and she wanted to rescue a dog from a shelter.   D and I discussed it and decided that we could entertain the idea after we moved and were settled in.  We moved on March 3, and the talks really ramped up after that.  We had leads on several strays that were picked up by friends on the roadside, but they all fell through in one way or another.   On the last Saturday in March (I think it was March 31) R and I went to the Animal Control shelter in our county.   We looked at probably 70 dogs.  There were 3 that really stood out to her.  2 of them were puppies that were not ready to go to a new home,  the third was

Miss Kennedy!   She is a “terrier mix”, although we are convinced that she has at least some miniature golden retriever in her.   She is a 20 pound BALL OF ENERGY.   Kennedy is 2 years old and we brought her home on 4/2/12.  She is really sweet, but totally untrained.  We are working on her, but the training process is going to be long with this little love.   She was a stray in a small town in our county.  We have no idea how long she was on the streets but she did seem as though she may have been with a family at some point.  She is such a SWEET girl, just a big unruly sometimes.   But she has already come SO FAR in the 2 months that we have had her. Just has a long ways to go still 🙂    The other two girls love her, and they love to play with her, but she has more stamina than either of them, so they end up getting frustrated with her and telling her “no” in their doggy ways 🙂

So that is one of the changes in our family, we went from a 1 dog family of 10 years to a 3 dog family in a matter of 7 months! 🙂


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