A well stocked pantry…using up…

Well, this evening I  found another reason to maintain a well stocked pantry and freezer.  Today I didn’t really have to do much cooking….we had a pancake breakfast at  church that was late in the morning so for our family it was more like brunch (and we had eaten breakfast before going to church because we can’t wait until 11 to eat breakfast).  Then we had a birthday party at a local pizza parlor at 4:30 so we weren’t really eating at home today.  But while at the birthday party this afternoon I found out that a very precious friend of ours was in early stages of labor.   I texted her and asked if she would like some chicken soup, she replied about an hour later and said that that sounded really good.   So, I quickly threw together a DELICIOUS pot of chicken and rice soup perfect for a laboring momma and her hungry and tired hubby…..from my pantry and fridge and freezer.   In 25 minutes I had homemade chicken rice soup, slices of  whole wheat bread and brownies all bagged up and ready to go.     Some of the advantages to having a well stocked pantry…again, making something out of “nothing”.

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