Heart’s Journey, Day 4

Today’s daily devotional from the New Life Daily portion of the Crosswalk.com devotionals  was awesome!   And a timely message for me….

The main scripture verse for today’s devotional is

Luke 11:9

9“So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

I realized this morning after reading the devotional that my trend lately has been to turn to God for help when I’m at the end of myself and my own resources instead of turning to Him at the very beginning of anything and everything.   Now don’t get me wrong, I do seek His guidance on most everything, but when trials come my normal M.O. (at least lately) has been to try to go it on my own first, and then when I’ve totally made a mess of things that’s when I turn to my Father in Heaven for help.   NOT what He wants us to be doing.   This scripture is very clear that we are to seek Him first, not when we get into trouble, but FIRST before anything ever has the chance to get into trouble.   I know that in my personal situation, if I were to seek Him first in my day, my hour, every situation, every interaction….if I were to seek Him FIRST my attitudes would be more Godly, and the Holy Spirit would be more readily able to intervene instead of having to get around my stubborn will.   If I’m seeking Him, and allowing Him in all that I do/say/think the negative attitude and world’s way of dealing with things wouldn’t have any way to worm their way in to my heart.

Lord, I pray that I would remember to seek You first, and that that would become a habit, and that through seeking You first in all things, that my heart would be softer towards life and my fellow man.  I pray that You would continue to reveal Yourself  through Your word, and in my heart!  Bless this day, and all that I may come into contact with today.  I loveYou Lord, and I live my life for You!

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