Graduation season and beyond

Well, so far this year, we’ve attended 1 college graduation party and had many of our young friends graduate from college this year, we’ve got a weekend filled with high school graduation festivities with many of our friends’ children (and some of our children’s friends) graduating from high school, and it goes all the way down to a precious friend  who’s daughter just graduated from Kindergarten yesterday…….  Many new stages of life for these young people, and many activities to attend…..busy busy busy!    And it has me thinking about needing to do some brainstorming for the planning of R’s high school graduation in a couple of years.   We aren’t part of a school group, so we will do our own graduation (hopefully with other independant homeschooling families).    I am looking forward to the planning of this! 🙂   I want it to be a very special day for our girl full of blessings and surprises 🙂

This “graduation season” is the beginning of a very busy summer!   We have a week off now before the kids are involved in our church’s music camp (it is a VBS that also involves learning and performing a musical at the end of the 2 weeks)….the two younger girls will be participating, and the two teenagers are leading small groups, and Momma gets 40 hours of quiet!!!!   10 days and 4 hours per day…..QUIET BLISS!!!!   I do look forward to this two weeks each year 🙂  The day that music camp ends (the last day of their performances) R & H leave to go to Awana Scholarship camp for a week, and then everyone is home for a week before M leaves for his Jr. High Houseboat Camp.  Then the day after he gets home from Houseboat Camp R leaves for her 2+ week missions trip to Fiji.  We have a week off when she returns and then we start school, and D and I go with our high school group to their annual beach retreat to cook for them ( we have another couple that cooks with us).    VERY busy summer!   Will FLY by!   😦   At least we will get a weekend at the beach in there….REALLY looking forward to that!  And hoping to plan another beach weekend for just D and I at some point during the summer/fall.  We could really use a retreat weekend!

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