Menu Plan Monday, Week 6, 2/1/09


I know, I know, the last time I posted my menu plan on my blog was week 3, but I have had a menu plan the past 2 weeks, just didn’t find the time on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday to post it…..and by the time I had the time later in the week both weeks to post it, I just didn’t see the point.    I know, I know, bad me 🙂   I actually have the next 2 weeks planned, but since I’m only doing the shopping for one week today, I’m only going to post one week (and that will allow for any carryover meals next week also).    I’m still using the Menus4moms menus (I use the free version), and LOVING them…..every single recipe that we have used has been very good!!!  These ladies definitely know what they are doing in their recipe development and recipe tasting.      I am beginning to substitute my own homemade ingredients in place of some of their convenience ingredients (such as canned cream of _________ soups, etc).     Also, if you are looking for the menus4moms menu that coordinates with mine, I am using menus from the archives, so I will make sure to link the recipes for you 🙂


Sunday, 2/1/09 SUPER BOWL SUNDAY:


  • pulled pork sandwiches using kalua pork recipe that I posted a few weeks ago
  • cole slaw
  • chips
  • carrots & celery with homemade ranch dressing

Monday, 2/2/09

Tuesday, 2/3/09

Wednesday, 2/4/09

  • stuffed shells
  • jello parfait
  • green salad

Thursday, 2/5/09

Friday, 2/6/09

  • homemade thai chicken pizza
  • homemade ham & pineapple pizza
  • salad

Saturday, 2/7/09

  • tri-tip
  • twice baked potatoes
  • corn on the cob
  • salad

Sunday, 2/8/09

  • roasted turkey
  • stuffing
  • mashed potatoes & gravy
  • veggie

To view more menus or to post your own, please visit Laura’s blog at Organizing Junkie by clicking on the banner above.  Also, if you are looking for some tips for organizing your home, she’s got some awesome ones on her site! 🙂

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2 Responses to Menu Plan Monday, Week 6, 2/1/09

  1. amy says:

    hi lori
    short or searching thru your arhives…awhile back (??summertime???) you did a lunchbox series..wonderful pics and ideas..bento type lunches that you made for teacher. can you tell me where those are??


  2. Trudy says:

    Hi Lori. Impressive meal plan. Love your blog. I’m a fellow blogger as well, although I don’t mention it on Facebook.

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