An incredible dining experience….and how appearances matter :)

For any of my friends that have known me in real life, you know that I tend to dress “like a mom”… of my very dear friends whom I love very much has even told me that I dress like a grandma…..I am always clean and well groomed, but often wear clothes that are not the most “in”.   If you were to see me walking down the street you’d probably say “yep, that’s a mom”, some would say that appearances don’t matter, and as far as a person is concerned, that is absolutely correct!!!!   I would be just as comfortable with someone in a $200 pair of jeans and $300 blouse as I would with someone wearing the latest thrift store finds….I don’t pay attention to what people wear as long as it’s modest, and clean.   Well, these aren’t the appearances that I’m talking about.

Last night D and I went out to dinner to celebrate our 19th anniversary.   I knew that I wanted to go somewhere special, which meant one of our locally owned downtown restaurants.   There are so many choices that I just couldn’t decide (so many choices combined with a limited budget, meant we did have to be choosy, and do our homework ahead of time).   I finally narrowed it down to 3 choices, and around 3:30 yesterday afternoon I sent those choices to D via email and asked him to please help with the decision.    He decided on Fugazzis which is a bistro, that is owned by a Christian man, and we have had their food (take out, catering numerous times, and I went there for lunch with a high school friend one time).    One of the notable things about this particular restaurant is that you are served a bread and dipping oil plate when you are seated…..their breads are EXCELLENT, but their dipping oil….oh my goodness!!!!  It is incredible!   So I was excited that he chose Fugazzis 🙂

When we walked in, we were seated at a table for 2….let’s start with the table.   Well, first let’s start with yesterday while I was in the decision making process, I had posted on facebook looking for suggestions from my local friends and one of my friends from high school (that doesn’t live in the area :)) commented with “Make sure D___ takes you to a restaurant with table cloths”.   Well, the tables didn’t have table cloths…..they are brushed metal.  So, sorry, Alan, no tablecloths 🙂    When they brought out the bread and dipping oil, I immediately noticed how nice their bread plates were….they were white ceramic rectangles, with a small square dish with the oil.   The bread was perfectly placed, and when the waiter set the plate down he set it at an angle on the table.   Well, as each course of our dinner (we ordered the Fugazzi’s Intimate Dinner for Two which included salad, appetizer “sampler” plate, our entree which was filet mignon and  cilantro lime shrimp with pasta and grilled veggies, and dessert) was served, I noticed that not only was the food plated perfectly (imagine food network or Top Chef), but that wasn’t what was so beautiful….it was that the plates were placed perfectly on our table.   Our square dinner plates were centered in front of each of us, the rectangular bread, appetizer, and dessert plates were set in the middle of the table at an angle, etc.   It was visually appealing, it was clean and neat and organized (it would be Monk’s dream! 🙂 ).      It was funny, (and probably shows just what country bumpkins we are :)) but the presentation of the plates on the table was almost as impressive to us as the food (which was absolutely incredible!!!).     SO, if you are in my city, and find yourself wanting a very nice, very tasty, moderately priced dinner, please keep Fugazzi’s in mind 🙂

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1 Response to An incredible dining experience….and how appearances matter :)

  1. Gail says:

    Sounds like you had a fun evening, congrats on your anniversary!

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