Michael W. Smith has a new Christmas album….


Has everyone heard? Michael W. Smith has a new Christmas album this year, and one of his songs is featuring Mandisa!!!!!!!! Ok, I LOVE Michael W. and own many of his albums, and I think I own all of his previous Christmas albums (I think I have 2…..will have to double check that though), but the thing that made me say “I gotta get this one” is that it also features Mandisa. I have a special place in my heart for this darling woman of God! Before she was ever on American Idol, I saw her with Travis Cottrell and his worship band at a Beth Moore event in Fresno, CA in December, 2005. Mandisa’s voice gave me goosebumps! She truly has the voice of an angel when singing God’s praises, and bringing us into the very presence of God through worship……I can’t wait to get this album!

mws banner



If you click on the picture above, it will take you to the site for this album, and you will get to listen to a few of the songs from the album. I’ve had them playing on my computer for a few minutes now and I have to say, I’m definitely impressed, and can’t wait to find this album! If any of you have it, and want to share your praises or comments, please do! I’d love to hear more…..

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2 Responses to Michael W. Smith has a new Christmas album….

  1. Gail says:

    I was lucky enough to get one in the mail last week when they had a few to give away! I’ve been listening to it and really like it. And like you said, Mandissa being on it was a real plus for me….LOVE her voice! She was my pick to win the year she was on idol…..I’m just saying, she shoulda won!

    I was so sad to see that I missed out on getting one of those giveaways for free……I didn’t check anyone’s blogs last week, so I didn’t see your post until this morning!

  2. sharad says:

    Good song are in this albam

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