Menu Plan Monday, November 26,2007


This week’s menu consists of all of the things that didn’t get made through the rest of the month.  I have all of the ingredients for all of these items, so I’m going to use them, rather than creating a new menu and going out to buy food that I don’t need!  🙂    The reasons that these things didn’t get made the rest of the month are varied….BUT there was only ONE time (yay!!!!  a great improvement on past months) that it was because we were eating out due to my being too tired to cook or not wanting to cook….other times it was because what I had planned just didn’t sound good for that night and so we had something different, or because we were out that night or whatever……so this week there are lots of reruns from the past 3 weeks, but it’s because they didn’t get eaten those nights 🙂

If you’d like to participate in Menu Plan Monday or just want to see what everyone else is cooking, you can click on the banner above and it will get you to Laura’s blog (which at the time of writing this email is down…..I’m sure she’ll have it up soon though!).   Have a blessed week! 🙂



  • vegetable, lentil & barley soup
  •  salad
  • ham slices for those that want them
  • cookies and hot cocoa after the Christmas parade 🙂


  • grilled fish with peppers
  • veggie
  • rice


  • swedish meatballs
  • veggies
  • fruit


  • pasta with artichokes
  • salad
  • bread


  • pizza (probably homemade….but we’ll see :))
  • salad
  • dessert (I’m thinking ice cream sundaes)


  • thai noodle salad
  • baby carrots
  • green beans with sliced almonds


  • crockpot navy bean soup
  • corn bread
  • salad
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2 Responses to Menu Plan Monday, November 26,2007

  1. Gail says:

    I was trying to go through the menus that people posted yesterday but got sidetracked and never got back around to it! The soup you had for Monday sounds interesting….I’ve never thought to put barley and lentils together! But I have both I think

  2. Renee' says:

    Your menu plan sounds wonderful! Have a great week!

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