Menu Plan Monday–10/29/07



Here is my menu for this week…..such as it is 🙂   Lots of repeats from last week, because we had to simplify last week and had pasta way too many times, but it was that kind of a week 🙂    To participate in this week’s Menu Plan Monday, click on the banner above (and Laura has moved her blog, so ignore the address that is printed inside of the banner).



  • crockpot chicken and dumplings
  • green salad
  • veggies



  • barley beef and vegetable soup
  • homemade biscuits
  • green salad or a waldorf salad



  • we are going out to dinner with some friends and then bowling or to the movies or something



  • swedish meatballs (using some “real” meatballs, and some meatless) over egg noodles
  • fruit
  • veggie
  • salad



  • pizza
  • ice cream sundaes for dessert



  • roast beef
  • oven roasted root veggies
  • roasted beets and baby carrots with an orange and balsamic glaze
  •  rolls
  • green salad


  • leftovers or pasta
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1 Response to Menu Plan Monday–10/29/07

  1. Renee' says:

    Your meal plan looks great! Have a wonderful week.
    Stop on by to check out my fall give-aways (if you want to).

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