Today my slow cooking thursday entry has been inspired by my trying to put together a menu plan for this next couple of weeks.    I wanted to do a Mexican themed meal for my son’s birthday, and so I dug out one of my cookbooks that is mostly mexican foods.   I saw a lot of recipes for tamale pie, and remembered a recipe that I used to make a lot in my crockpot.   I haven’t made it in a while, but it is definitely going on the menu board soon!    I vary this recipe a little by adding diced green and red pepper and onion.    I like to serve this with a dollop of sour cream and shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes. YUMMMYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂     To see more crockpot recipes, or to enter your own, please click on the banner above and hop on over to Sandra’s blog for more Slow Cooking Thursday entries!


Crockpot Tamale Pie

From Southern US Cuisine


* 1 pound lean ground beef – ground round, sirloin, etc.
* 3/4 cup yellow corn meal
* 1 1/2 cup of milk
* 1 egg, beaten
* 1 envelope of chili seasoning mix
* 1 teaspoon seasoned salt
* 1 (14.5 ounces) can tomatoes, cut up
* 1 (12 to 16 ounces) can whole kernel corn, drained
* 1 small can sliced ripe olives, drained
* 1 1/2 cups grated Mexican blend of cheeses

In skillet, cook ground beef until crumbly; drain well. In large bowl mix corn meal, milk, egg. Add drained ground beef, dry chili seasoning mix, seasoned salt and tomatoes, corn, and olives. Pour into slow cooker. Cover and cook on HIGH for 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 hours. Sprinkle cheese over top. Cover and cook for 5 to 10 minutes longer.
Serves 6.

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5 Responses to SLOW COOKER THURSDAY–Crockpot Tamale Pie

  1. mjpuzzlemom says:

    This looks good. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Gail says:

    Yum, looks good!

  3. Renee' says:

    This sounds delish! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Sandra says:

    This sounds sooooo good, thank you Lori 🙂

  5. Cheri says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can’t wait to try this recipe. This sounds like something my whole family will like!

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