Organic farming and environmental care a biblical mandate?

I found this article this morning through Crystal’s blog at Biblical Womanhood .

This article touches on exactly what I have mentioned in a couple of other posts here and here.    I do believe that God has instructed us to care for his creation.   Not only in the environmental portion of thinking, but also as in taking care of His most prized creation, the creation that was created in HIS image ….. man.   And what better way, in this day and age of poisons to kill bugs, genetically modified foods, chemically altered sweeteners, artificial chemicals in the majority of the foods that you find in the corner grocery store, to take care of “man” than to eat organic, natural, whole foods (as close to the form that God created them as possible).      One step further is to keep this creation in good physical shape….exercising daily, if you are overweight, getting to a healthy weight for your frame…..why do I believe this is important?   Because it is being a good steward.    And God shows examples of being a good steward in Christ’s parables and instructs believers to be good stewards of what He has given us….that includes life and breath in my mind!

I would welcome discussion here about what you all think too!  But, like Crystal mentioned in her blog entry, let’s play nice 🙂 (and if you haven’t left a comment before, it will come to me to be approved, after that your comments shouldn’t need to be approved anymore).

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1 Response to Organic farming and environmental care a biblical mandate?

  1. Adriana says:

    I’ve been thinking this way for a number of years and have slowly making small changes, here and there, to bring my family slowly into this. I can’t help but agree with the article and with you.

    We need to manage what the Lord has given us with the best of our abilities, whether it be money, time, talents, food or our bodies. It’s all about baby steps because most of us were not raised this way.

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