What's ahappenin' in our home….

Good afternoon (since it is 12 minutes after noon :)) …..thought I’d catch everyone up on what’s going on here in our home.   First and foremost is that we have started school again.   Last week was our first official week, but we got off to  a slow start, so this week we are hitting our stride with schedule, routine, etc.     We are all getting used to our new program…..all of the kids have switched over to Sonlight this year.  I’ve got 4 kids and 3 different levels….I’m hoping I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew!   R is independant, for the most part, so that’s not too big of a deal.   And even though M is in 6th grade, he still needs me right there reminding him to continue his work, move onto the next subject, etc…….and of course H and r still very much need me guiding them along (although I have a feeling they will be moving onto more independance by the end of this school year).

Last night we had company for dinner….My father in love, step-mother in love, and sister in love……we were celebrating r’s 7th birthday.  It was so much fun!   I made chicken enchilada casserole (I’ll post the recipe seperately), spicy black beans, veggies, and green salad.  R and H made a cake…..it was all delicious, and we really enjoyed the time together!   I REALLY need to make an effort to have them over more often.

Here in the house, if you know us in real life, you’ll be suprised to see the changes we’re making inside of the house.  We have almost completely changed furniture and things around.   I really like the new look!   It really opens things up and my living room feels bigger.   And we have new beds for the girls and moved the bunk bed into M’s room.   We also acquired an entertainment center for his room (he has had a tv in his room since we moved into this house for the game systems….which the kids’ time is VERY limited on….the tv is not hooked up to any antenna or anything, just the game systems) which is doubling as a book case.   I already have it completely full…..switching over to a literature based curriculum, we have lots more books in the house (which I LOVE 🙂 ).   We are working on saving up for new bookcases for the house….we have one that needs replacing, and we just need one more bookcase.  For now though, we are good 🙂

Oh, I have also spent the past week doing some deep fall cleaning……I was inspired by moving furniture in the kids’ rooms and needing to clean the walls, and getting to clean the carpets.   I ended up going through the whole house and cleaning the carpets in every room except for D’s and my bedroom.    I’m working on cleaning the walls in the kitchen/dining room this week, and have even gotten the walls in the hallway, entry way and bathroom cleaned.    IF we decide to do some painting this  fall, the walls will be all clean and ready for paint! 🙂

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