Do you have books to get rid of?

I just found the perfect solution (at least I hope so πŸ™‚ ) I have listed things on Ebay in the past, and do enjoy making money for my books, but it often just takes so long to do the listings, that by the time I’ve sold a book for a couple of bucks or a lot of books for slightly more, and then pay the Ebay fees, the paypal fees, etc, THEN packaging it all up to ship to the buyer, and posting feedback, etc, etc, etc…..sometimes it just isn’t worth it to me. I’ve tried offering books on the homeschool loop, rarely any takers. I’ve offered books on freecycle, again, rarely any takers. I was expressing this to some online friends recently, and they suggested Basically, you list your paperback books (it’s SUPER easy, you just type in the ISBN number, and verify that they correct book came up from their database, and click a button verifying that the book is in good condition) and when people want them, you mail it to them via media mail (at your expense, but it is almost always less than $2) and wrap with the printed papers (no enevelopes necessary…..all of the instructions are on the website) and then you can get books from others on the group. I listed over 60 books in under an hour, have mailed out 3 books (again in a matter of just 10 minutes….MUCH better than the time spent watching ebay auctions,etc) and have already ordered my first 3 books from other “sellers”.

I’m THOROUGHLY enjoying this, and looking forward to getting rid of some books that I inherited from my grandmother 7 years ago, as well some of the kids books that they have outgrown.

Anyhow, I thought that I’d share this resource with you all.

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1 Response to Do you have books to get rid of?

  1. I have another suggestion for you for your books. πŸ™‚

    You could consider participating in my upcoming Pay It Forward Book exchange that I’m hosting on 3 September. The guidelines for this book exchange can be found right here.

    Just a thought. πŸ™‚

    Awesome Overwhelmed! Thanks! I will definitely check that out… Thanks for posting about it for me πŸ™‚

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