Snuffly nose, birthday candles, and Slow Cooker Thursday…..

Good morning all, I just had to come and let you all know what’s happening here in my home…..I have so many neat things that I want to blog on, I just have been swamped lately, and this week seems like it has been a comedy of errors!   First off, one of our friends’ regular babysitter bailed on her Tuesday afternoon for Tuesday night.   This friend owns a restaurant and had a BIG catering job that night and couldn’t take her little girls with her, so she called to see if we could help her….”absolutely!   And after youth group, we’ll take the girls and R back to your house so that they can get to sleep in their own beds”……Ok, great, I’ll be home around 11.   Well, D can’t go to bed until all of his babes are in our house…even when I’m saying “I’ll stay awake, go to bed, you have work tomorrow”….R didn’t get home until 12:45 AM…..not our friends’ fault, she had some things come up with the catering job, and it took longer than expected.   So, by 1 AM we are all snug in our beds on our way to dreamland.

Wednesday morning, the alarm goes off at 5 AM….I have to get up, because this is the day that I am preparing lunch for 3 of the ladies from D’s work…..that goes off without a hitch and I get 4 lovely lunches prepared and then realize “Oh no!  Today is Valentine’s Day, and there is NOTHING heart shaped in there!”   Yes, I had planned on doing a heart shaped lunch….exhaustion ruled though, and I forgot!  I frantically found some heart shaped chocolates in my chocolate stash, and put those in there….whew! 🙂         10:45 am rolls around, and R rolls out of bed (we had agreed to let her sleep as long as she needed to) to “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you……”   Yep, yesterday, Valentine’s Day was the 14th anniversary of D and I becoming parents!   Oh ya, it was also R’s birthday 🙂   Oh my, where has the time gone?  My “baby” is 14 years old!!!!!!!!!!  (well, THE baby of the family is still only 6, so I do still have a few years left of little kid stuff :))   Seriously, where has the time gone?     I sat on the floor in front of her with my hand on her leg and prayed silently for her and for the woman that she is becoming, and I was able to visualize just 14 years ago, this precious little baby that had come into the world.   Oh, how much we loved this precious girl, and how much more we love her today, and the beautiful young lady that she has grown into!   Oh, she does sometimes have a smart mouth, she antagonizes her siblings a little too much some days (sometimes it feels like most days :)), but she is such a good girl, and such a delight to be around!  She’s a good friend, and is very helpful around the house.   She’s an awesome daughter, and friend, and young lady of God!  I am so proud of the person she is becoming, and of her faith…..      Because of her, my, and D’s exhaustion, her birthday day was fairly a normal day…no special foods….just too tired, and our schedule was a bit messed up from her sleeping so late.   So today will be the day of special meals…..banana pancakes for breakfast, whatever she wants for lunch (I think she’ll choose tuna sandwiches), and tri-tip with potato salad, and veggies and salad for dinner.      We did do presents last night after AWANA and we did have birthday cupcakes last night.  Tonight we’ll have some sugar cookies (or cupcakes again…..everyone will have a choice, I have both ready).     Tomorrow night we celebrate her birthday with our extended family….D’s dad and step mom (Papa and Grandma) and Auntie P (D’s sister).  We are going to our favorite restaurant (also our friend’s restaurant :)), and R will be spoiled rotten there….when I called yesterday to make the reservation, our friend asked which room R wanted (the restaurant is in an old “victorian” type home where each room is themed slightly differently) AND she asked for R to decide what dessert she wants…..anything she wanted, and the pastry chef will prepare it for our party!  How cool is that?  and talk about SPOILED 🙂    Actually, R is this friend’s favorite babysitter, and we absolutely love her girls, so she loves to spoil our girl a little when we are in there 🙂

Now, as a result of being February, cold and flu season, being around kids at church a lot, and being up so incredibly late on Tuesday night, I am now fighting a cold!   I’m winning so far, but it is really zapping my energy!   Please pray for me, as I don’t really have time to be sick…with this new bread baking “business”, and lunch making gig, on top of homeschooling, caring for my family, and regular ol’ life in general, I don’t have the time to be sick!  I can’t be down right now 🙂

As a result of my snuffly nose, and lack of energy…..I’m postponing posting my Slow Cooker Thursday entry until tomorrow or maybe Saturday.

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3 Responses to Snuffly nose, birthday candles, and Slow Cooker Thursday…..

  1. annie says:

    I can relate… my son turned 13 on feb 7 and we are still celebrating! DH family is coming Saturday from out of town for another party… woohoo. Any excuse to eat and party is fine with me 🙂
    It is amazing to look at our children as they get older and see what they are becoming. I am blessed.

  2. Rachelle says:

    Happy Birthday to your R! It is truly amazing how fast children grow up. 🙂

    ~ Rachelle

  3. Oh, I had forgotten you had a Valentine *baby* too!! I hope R had a wonderful birthday! My *R* turned 9! 🙂
    I pray you are feeling better!

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