Bread baking, recipe emails, blogging, and prayers!

HI all,

Well, this week I added two more bread customers….I’m kinda hoping that that will be a weekly thing, but we’ll see 🙂  I would love to get a couple more bread customers and be able to cover the costs of making our family’s breads….how fun would that be? 🙂

This week I made just plain ol’ whole wheat using my FAVORITE bread recipe from my friend Vickilynn.    And then I did one batch of that bread and made it into cinnamon raisin bread.

I get several free recipe emailers per week.  This week’s recipes from Kraft Foods looked too good to not share!   (Click on the photo to go to the recipe).

Ultimate Chicken Wings (I would use all fruit orange marmalade in this one)

Easy Chicken Stir Fry Skillet (I would use brown rice with this one, and I do always keep instant brown rice on hand for those “emergency” nights!)

Southwestern Chicken Bake (I would use a wholegrain bread crumb seasoned a little instead of the shake and bake)

My friend Elizabeth asked on her blog the other day “Why do you blog?”  I’ve thought about it a lot!   I do it for me…..I do it kind of as a public journal.   It is also a fun way to keep friends aware of what is happening in our home on a day to day basis.   It is also a way to keep my recipes all in one place instead of spread all over the house or all over the place inside the computer 🙂    I also do it as a ministry to others…..I believe VERY strongly in the Titus 2 principle of older (not necessarily in age, but in experience/talent/knowledge base) women teaching the younger, and practice this in my real life, and my blog is one more extension of this!

Prayers….the Lord has brought several prayer opportunities to my knowledge in the past several days…..several people to pray for with terminal illnesses, recovering from surgery, recovering from drug addictions, etc.   So I’ve spent a lot of time praying for others recently!  I love it!  I love coming before the Throne of my Creator and Saviour on the behalf of others….what a priviledge!!!!

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1 Response to Bread baking, recipe emails, blogging, and prayers!

  1. Gaylynn says:

    Amen to your comment about prayers! It is an honor and a responsibility I feel…God knows whose heart to burden!

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