a picture from H's little vacation…..

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Here’s a picture of H and her friend.   They are having a great time, and when H called this morning she was getting ready to head out to go hiking.  She is excited, but can’t wait to come home tomorrow.   I can’t wait for her to come home tomorrow….I miss her terribly…..

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2 Responses to a picture from H's little vacation…..

  1. What a sweet picture! It sounds like she had a great time. I pray for safe travel! Love Karen T.

  2. lori says:

    Thanks Karen, she did have a great time! When she got home, she saw me come around the corner of her Papa and Grandma’s car and she ran to me (without shoes….our driveway was HOTTTTT) and jumped into my arms. We were both crying….it was so wonderful to have her back in my arms, and it was great to hear her playing with the girls and M last night! Everyone is very happy to have her home with us again 🙂

    Thank you all for your prayers for her and for me this past week…they were very much appreciated.

    I’ll post again in a few days….going to enjoy the rest of the weekend with the family 🙂

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