Today in our home, Thursday, June 29

Good morning everyone,

I am very tired and very grumpy this morning 😦   (Note to add that the grumpiness is getting better……) My nerves are frazzled……BUT I have an agenda, which is a good thing 🙂

Haven’t gotten as much done this week as I’ve wanted, so today is my day to complete these tasks…..

*finish putting girls’ clothes up into closet (these are ones that are waiting for the next girl to wear)
*call Rescue Mission and PRAY for  a pickup for tomorrow…..the pile of stuff to be donated is getting larger and larger and it is taking up more and more of my living room 😦   Can’t move it to the garage because dh needs to be able to park in the garage…..
*pull things out of my closet that need to be donated (I know exactly what they are, just need to pull them out)
*menuplanning (this is an “if I have time” activity)
*pay bills

This is about it for today….seems like a lot though…..and I WILL take a nap this afternoon, of that I am very sure 🙂

Also, talked to H this morning, and she sounded very bright and cheery by the end of our conversation…..I miss that girl!  Can’t wait for her to come home, but I know she’s having a good time with her friend, and I know that  this is a good thing for her overall…..but I miss her like crazy!  🙂

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