today in our home, Monday, June 26

Today is day 2 (last night was night #1) without our H-girl. I miss her 🙂 Last night I talked to her on the telephone, and she was having fun. She thought it was great that Papa and Grandma took her to lunch at a golf course…..she said “Mom, it was so cool! We sat on a balcony, and we got to see all of the people playing golf around us!”

Our little r’s sleepover was cut short when her little friend decided just before 10 pm that she wanted to go home (this was her first time sleeping somewhere away from home)…..but r was fine with that because her big brother wanted to stay in there with r (R was sleeping in M’s room). r was sad to see her friend leave, but she understood that E just missed her mommy and this was something totally new for her…..and r knows that feeling because the last time she slept over at a friends’ house, she wanted D and I. When I told r that M wanted to take her friend’s place in the “sleepover” she did a little celebratory dance and said “Yes!”… was SOOOOO cute!

Ok, onto today’s list… is SOOOOO horribly hot! It was 112 yesterday, and we had to sleep with the a/c on. This morning I got up to see if I could open the house, and it was still very humid and hot outside, but I chose to open the house up for a couple of hours anyhow, just to open the house, and to not run the air for a while…… I need to bake bread, but I really can’t see heating the house up again…..will check the week’s weather forecast to see if maybe I should make tortillas today instead of bread, and then do bread later in the week (my oven REALLY heats the house up!). If it’s going to be over 100 all week, then I’ll just go ahead and bake the bread today. Hmmmm, I’ve been using the grill as an oven for dinners….wonder if it would work for bread? I may give it a try for one loaf (don’t want to ruin a whole batch of 4 loaves). That would be AWESOME if it works!

Ok, onto the list…..

Today I need to:

write a letter to H and get it into today’s mail

clean kitchen

call rescue mission to have them come and pick up the bags and boxes and more bags and boxes of clothes and things that we went through this past weekend.

home blessing

start shredding old paperwork….I have a whole box of stuff to shred

bake bread

plan healthy meals for this week for family

I think that is about it…..

What are you doing today?

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