Today in our home, Tuesday, June 27

Yesterday was such an awesome day. I didn’t get a lot done in the house, but I felt like every thing went together just the way it was supposed to be…..and the day was ended with some friends taking D and I out to dinner….that was fun! We haven’t gone out with another couple in probably 13-14 years…..without kids that is. It was awesome! We decided that now that the kids are getting older and old enough to leave at home in R’s charge, that we are going to have to do that periodically.

This morning I get to babysit our “little princess” for an hour or two while her mommy goes to the dentist to have a crown fixed……we can’t wait! We are SOOOO looking forward to having her here 🙂 She is such a little cutie pie….I do hope that she doesn’t miss H too much though. H is the one that normally plays with her the most.

Here’s what the rest of the day looks like:

*babysit this morning for a friend
*babysit this evening for a friend
*make some more focaccia bread on the grill for our lunch today (this time without the herbs and garlic… wasn’t the kids’ favorite, although I LOVED it!)
*finish bagging stuff up for rescue mission
*call to schedule a pick up for stuff to be donated to the rescue mission (and call a friend that is going to bring stuff over as well for them to pick up)
*finish home blessing
*clean out refrigerator in prep. of my produce delivery today
*grate and freeze zucchini for future zucchini breads and cakes
*try to find zucchini recipes 🙂

Here’s the meal plan for today as well…..

Breakfast: cereal and muffins and apples

Lunch: Kids–tostadas, fruit, and carrot sticks; me–a salad with lots of veggies and a bit of the imitation crabmeat that I have with some mango shredded over the top, and a homemade fat free asian dressing, and the other half of my Thai Chicken Wrap with spicy peanut sauce from last night’s dinner

Dinner: grilled fish packets with lots of veggies, grilled potatoes, a big salad with lots of veggies

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