Being Thankful Day 13

Yesterday I was thankful for the blessing of our son, well, the day that our son was born my husband couldn’t have been prouder, because our son was born the day before the United States Marine Corps birthday (if I remember correctly, that was the 220th birthday of the USMC, so today is the 236th Birthday!!!).   Yes, my husband is one of “The few, the proud, the Marines”…..he enlisted during his Sr. year in High  School and left for boot camp with his best friend 3 days after he graduated.    SO……

Today I am thankful for the USMC.  Today I am thankful for the men and women that serve in the USMC and the USN, USAF, USArmy, and USCoast Guard.  They give great sacrifices to protect our rights here in the US, and to help keep the World a safer place.  Some have given the ultimate sacrifice, and for that I am so thankful, and this time of year, I always remember to pray for the families of those that have lost their lives while serving ME and my family!  To all of the Marines (and Marine spouses) out there I say “Happy Birthday” and to ALL of our servicemen and their families, I say THANK YOU!

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