World Changers

I know that I have posted several times in the past about my family’s calling and great desire to make a difference in the community and world around us.    Well, this morning in church our pastor pointed out something that three of the girls’ in our church have done… made it into the local newspaper!   These girls are friends of our daughters, and I am so incredibly proud of what they have done, and you had better believe that we will be at their bake sale next week!!!!!    Here is the link to the article in our newspaper.

These young ladies are truly world changers!

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1 Response to World Changers

  1. Gail says:

    What a sweet thing to do…….and I know you’re glad they are friends with your girls! Our pastor said something yesterday that I used to tell my kids, be careful who your friends are because sometimes you’re known by the company you keep. Don’t we love it when they have such good friends!

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