A time to be thankful….Friday edition


Today is Day 5 of Kelli’s special meme on Being Thankful, and preparing our hearts and homes for the upcoming Holiday…..no, not Christmas! This is all about Thanksgiving, and for our family, that means beginning some new traditions to bring back the true spirit of Thanksgiving, which does not mean preparing for the “big sales” for the following day, or even focusing on the gobbler that will be featured on our table that day…..it means returning to an attitude of Thanks and giving Thanks to our God who has blessed our family and our nation beyond belief! And as I told my girls at AWANA the other night (I did the Council Time talk for our T&T girls…..45 girls :)), our God is deserving of our Thanks, and we are not asked to give Him thanks, we are actually commanded to give Him thanks! And that is just what our family will be doing this year!


Well, my time is rather limited today, and I promised to share one of the ways that we will bring the true meaning of Thanksgiving to our friends house….and that it was a craft. Well, rather than retype it all, I thought I’d just link back to some past entries on my blog on Thanksgiving!


As time allows today, and then tomorrow, I will share some more recipes.


Thanksgiving Traditions in our home

A Past Thanksgiving countdown

and the foiling of that countdown

Past “I am thankful for” list

and my little girl giddiness πŸ™‚


If you would like to participate in Kelli’s “Giving Thanks” meme, there are just 2 days left….today and tomorrow! You can click on the banner above to see more great Thanksgiving ideas, traditions, etc.





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1 Response to A time to be thankful….Friday edition

  1. Mommy says:

    I enjoyed reading about your tradition of inviting another family. Somehow Thanksgiving just isn’t the same, unless you have someone to share it with. πŸ™‚

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