Friday, February 10, 2006

2/10/06—Good morning dear ones! Last night I ran some errands, then I came home and snuggled on the
couch with my dh and watched Survivor. I got to bed at 9:15, and turned
the light out at 9:38… was so nice to be in bed and asleep at a
decent hour again! Unfortunately, I still had a difficult time getting
out of bed again this morning, but once I did get up at 5:40, I was
feeling VERY rested……THANK YOU GOD!!! smile.gif

had the wildest dream last night….dh, the kids and I were living in a
big travel trailer, and some CIA agents were trying to get information
from dh, so we were stuck in the trailer for 3-4 weeks without getting
out at all. Some friends finally came and created a diversion and we
were able to escape smile.gif It was fun, but weird smile.gif I have some of the wildest dreams sometimes!

Ok, here’s what’s on tap for today:

*coffee (done)
*dh off to work with breakfast and lunch (done)
*some school record keeping
*dinner in the crockpot
*some baking
*take ds to his AWANA Bible Quiz competition tonight, and be a judge while I’m there
some things ready for R’s birthday party on Sunday (her 13th
birthday is on Valentine’s Day, we are hosting a sleep over for her on
Sunday evening)
*get some library books ordered for school for the next few weeks
*get some crocheting and laundry done

I am SO excited to be able to spend some time in my kitchen today……it is by far my favorite room of the house smile.gif It is the one room that I am able to express my love for my family……I just love it in there smile.gif

Some of the things that I need to do today are:
bake bread (I want to make some rye bread today)
make some savory muffins (I want to make two batches….one of ww/rye muffins, one of corn muffins)
make some soy/oat milk

Our meal plan for today is:


leftovers, soup, sandwiches

beef stew
savory muffins

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