It's Thanksgiving day!

pies are baked, the spiced cranberry relish is prepared, the children
are bathed and their clothes are laid out, my dress still needs to be
pressed, but it is Thanksgiving Day, and we are ready for our

The weather today will be warm (we are expecting a high temperature of
72 degrees)…..which is unusual for this time of year, but I am
choosing to be thankful for it.

We are going to D’s mom’s house today and we are supposed to be there
at noon. I suspect that we will be eating around 1 or
2. So I’m prepared to make dinner here this evening for our
family. We will have lamb chops, rice pilaf, veggies, and
whatever leftover pie there is. The rest of the
day will be spent watching football and holiday specials, building
puzzles and playing games.

I love Thanksgiving! 🙂

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