My first blog

morning friends! It is cool here in the San Joaquin Valley
of California. When I awoke at 5:30 this morning, it was 45
degrees. Our high temperatures for today are supposed to be 67
today. If it feels like it has felt for the past several
days, it will feel warmer than that.

Well, today is moving day for our next door neighbors. It is a
sad day for me. While I never got to really know them very well,
they were very nice, conservative people. And I really will
miss them. D, the kids and I have all been praying for a
Christian family to move in… doesn’t appear that God has chosen
to answer that prayer. From what I know, it is a single
lady with two college aged girls that bought the house. Our
current neighbor told me that the new owner is a professor at our local
Jr. College. Could be very interesting 🙂 I am
very excited to see what God does in this. Today I have
invited the couple from next door over for a simple dinner this evening
of beef barley vegetable soup and homemade rolls and salad. They
aren’t sure if they will be around, but will let me know a little later
this morning. This weekend, I am planning on taking a
plate of cookies over to the new neighbors once they get moved

Well, I think that is all I will write this morning. I need
to get busy with laundry and cooking and cleaning.

Have a blessed Thursday!

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