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The end of an era….

Two days ago our oldest daughter accomplished something that not a lot of young people her age accomplish.  Our precious oldest daughter started Awana when she was 3 1/2 years old.   She kept asking us to let her join Cubbies, … Continue reading

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Pirate Casserole (aka Linguine Anna)

In January of 2008 our family was blessed by a baby boy(he was 3 months old at the time)…no, he was not born into our family, nor was he adopted by our family, but we had the blessed opportunity to … Continue reading

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Chewy Granola Bars

This is not an original recipe, but I have given credit to the original poster (and creator) of the recipe.  I have used it a lot, and love playing with the adaptations.  My favorite is dried apricots, macadamia nuts & … Continue reading

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Green enchilada sauce

Today is my son’s 15th birthday and he had asked me to make chicken enchiladas.  I know his favorite chicken enchiladas are those with green sauce.   So I made green sauce, and wanted to share the recipe with my blogging … Continue reading

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Why my kids eat what they eat….

Recently my kids have heard a lot of “You mean you’ve never eaten ____________?   REALLY?  Well what do you eat?”   The fill-in the  blank has been for things like pasta-roni, spaghetti-os, canned ravioli’s, poptarts, etc (all highly processed, pre-packaged, “kid … Continue reading

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After dinner entertainment

This afternoon after church my sister in love came to have lunch with us.  She was here until about 2 pm.   When she left, R went into M’s room to play video games with him, and the two “little girls” … Continue reading

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What can happen when you start with?

a bowl of shrimp that is marinating in 3 Tbsp. lemon juice, lemon zest from 1/2 lemon, 1 tsp. hot sauce (I prefer the flavor of Franks Red Hot Sauce), and 4 cloves of garlic (I cut the shrimp in … Continue reading

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Do I have to share?

 Last weekend I got a fantastic deal at Target on real Playdough…the Mattell brand…. 🙂  My kids (yes, they ARE 7, 10, 12 and almost 15, but they still find great joy in squishing and squashing their way through playdough … Continue reading

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An update on my rant about turkey prices

A couple of days ago I ranted about turkey prices this year.   Well, in the midst of that rant (not only did I type my rant, I also verbalized it :)), the kiddos asked me a question about Thanksgiving dinner, … Continue reading

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When you give a homeschool student a project….

Our oldest daughter R is a frosh in high school this year, and she is taking Spanish 2 with several other homeschooled students in our area. Her teacher (who is awesome, by the way! We LOVE her :)) assigned the … Continue reading

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