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Can you help us identify this?

This is one of the three insects that we found in our kitchen today.      The other two insects were same shape and looked exactly the same, except they didn’t have the red “shields”, they were all the grayish/brown color.    Can … Continue reading

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you know you're a homeschooler when…..

This is  a statement that D made this morning at breakfast.       You know you’re a homeschooler when… find an unidentified insect in your kitchen and rather than killing it, you trap it in a jar to keep it for the … Continue reading

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School happenings….

Well, school is picking up for us this week… long as no one else gets sick :), and we start our Sign Language Class (ASL) today.   One of my friends is deaf and has taught sign language classes and was … Continue reading

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A High School Student's take on math….

Some things heard in the kitchen this afternoon in regards to math…… “I think that we need to go back to a monetary system of beads and furs so that we don’t have to do math” “I think that  if … Continue reading

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My used curriculum sale finds and two monkeys….

Last night was our local homeschool community’s used curriculum sale.  It was MUCH MUCH smaller than normal, but I did find some great buys!   I was very happy with my finds 🙂 And for a better looksie…  And two monkeys … Continue reading

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Summer Reading plan….

Hi all, I was just wondering, what is on your and your children’s summer reading lists for this summer?    We are officially done with school on Friday of this week (even though R has one more week of Spanish) and … Continue reading

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Goodbye Jr. High…

Well, we did it!  We made it through Jr. High with our oldest daughter.   We have homeschooled a total of 9 years, and have really enjoyed it….we all have definitely had our days where we all were wondering “is it … Continue reading

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